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Proceso, LLC offers an ASIC cryptocurrency mining operation focusing on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

About Proceso, LLC

Proceso, LLC (also referred to as ‘Proceso’ and ‘the Company’) operates high density processing and mobile datacenters delivered via its network of brokers, partners, suppliers, and clients. The Company offers an ASIC cryptocurrency mining operation focusing on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Our Plan

The plan is to tackle issues common to this sector and find solutions while becoming one of the key players in the development of next level datacenter sector.

Proceso envisions becoming one of the most profitable cryptocurrency mining companies in the entire US as well as across the globe. The Company will achieve this by harnessing the capabilities of superior ASIC mining technologies to mine and profit from the largest and most valued cryptocurrency to date.

Future Locations

Proceso’s future locations in Houston, Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania will allow the Company to build and power data centers in these locations with renewable energy. This will help companies lower the cost of power to their clients, including providing hosting and colocation services to various growing industries such as cryptocurrency mining and the gaming industry.

Crypto Mining Industry

The crypto mining industry uses a vast amount of energy to process and reward its miners. This reward system is based on the difficulty level and power being used. As most of these mining companies are outside the United States, they are exposed to higher risk with no reassurance their assets are secure. However, Proceso will help in securing the investments of companies in industrial crypto mining by providing a local source of power and infrastructure development. Leveraging partnerships with crucial level players in the industry, Proceso helps companies in reducing power consumption and creating secure crypto datacenters in the United States.

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is one that needs to evolve to remain relevant. There are current challenges of latency, and Proceso will address them by building next level infrastructure in key places. An integral factor in bringing this idea to life is the right power source and data centers. The Company intends to use this to deliver high-quality experiences that will make the gaming industry better.

Our Partners

ISW Holdings Based in Nevada, ISWH is a holding company of diversified partnerships with a common goal of brand development from developers, consultants, design engineers, contractors, subcontractors, equipment providers, installation providers, end-users, and service providers. . ISW Holdings leverages its strategic expertise to establish market-leading companies and partnerships in sectors that are highly relevant in today’s marketplace. Small and medium-sized companies need to be able to scale into a broader framework to be relevant and become a leader in their own industry setting. ISW Holdings’ role is to use software innovations and resources to ensure that these companies can achieve optimal success in their chosen market space
ISWH is a diversified holdings company focused on growing companies. The diverse operational interests include technology partnerships, with the focus on being powered by renewable energy, cryptocurrency mining equipment, home healthcare that provides caregivers to the chronically ill, wellness and restoration services, and the development of simplifying supply chains and logistics management.

ISW Holdings sources renewable energy for the purpose of furthering its technology projects its partnership with Proceso. ISW Holdings is in the business of creating successful companies and partnerships in an array of disruptive industries, such as cryptocurrency mining via its joint-venture agreement with an official distribution partner of Bitmain, Bit5ive.

The ISW Holding Advisory Board consists of well-recognized leaders with a wealth of experience from healthcare and telehealth/telemedicine to blockchain, including bitcoin software development, node projects, bitcoin education, start-up advisory, and venture capital/angel investing. Its mission is to grow the Company and enhance shareholder value through the provision of market leading insights and access to its vast network of innovators and pacesetters.

Bit5ive Proceso is a 100% dedicated bitcoin mining operations engaged in a partnership with Bit5ive, currently located in Pennsylvania and houses the Company’s PoD5 data center. These pods are the most innovative solution in the market today – from the software to the cooling management systems being implemented. Proceso will have more PODS scheduled for delivery in early 2021, which is expected to increase hash rate capacity.

Bit5ive operates as an official distribution partner for Bitmain , the industry’s leading fabless manufacturer of computing chips, and is charged with distributing Bitmain’s range of Antminer mining rigs to over 30 countries spanning the length of Latin America, Central America and the Carribean. Bit5ive also produces and distributes the P0D5 and Power Skid 2.5, the most efficient and successful infrastructure for crypto mining hardware available as of market introduction.
Bitmain’s Antminer S19 Series mining rigs have rapidly gained acclaim within the cyptocurrency mining market following their launch. Boasting processor speeds of up to 110 trillion hashes per second (TH/s), over 24 trillion hashes per second faster than some of its closest competitors, the mining hardware enables data centers to significantly increase the efficiency and profitability of their ongoing bitcoin ‘farming’ operations. Bitmain revealed that it has received its first notable North American order for its new product line in recent days, with Washington state-based mine hosting company Core Scientific agreeing to purchase 17,595 S19 Antminer rigs.

Through its partnership with Bit5ive, the Company will be able to provide clients with access to an expanded product portfolio boasting some of the most cutting-edge mining technology available in the global market. Bit5ive has proprietary infrastructure built for Proceso and the new hardware offering will assist customers in running profitable and efficient crypto mining projects and take advantage of the incredible future growth trajectory projected for the crypto market.